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Long Island Junk Removal Services

Long Island Junk Removal Services

We do not have labor charges or any other fees, just flat rates for what you have to get rid of. You don’t pay for the container and you don’t pay for time. You only have to pay for what YOU are getting rid of. This way the price fits your specific situation EVERY time. It’s truly a beautiful thing. There is no job too big or small. We will remove everything from single items up to full house clean outs. There are some items that have additional costs, such as paint, but we will take everything you need to get rid of. We also offer a few other services that you might not be aware of. Playset and carpet demos and removal we do as well. Also, if you are doing minor remodeling in your home or office, we will demo kitchens and bathrooms as well. We will perform all the labor and demo duties as well as doing the hauling.

About Us

Whether you are decluttering your home, relocating your business, or renovating a residential property before you move in, you might benefit from junk removal. Often, the biggest obstacle when preparing for a move or trying to clear out space in your existing home or office is junk: stuff you neither want nor need, but also items that you don’t know how to dispose of conveniently. Junk removal companies exist to provide the solution.

Junk removal is an industry dedicated to assisting with the decluttering process. It is different from regular trash pickup. With a standard garbage company, you get a bin for your home or business that you keep permanently or indefinitely. You then fill that bin with your daily and weekly garbage and wait for trash day, at which point the company comes by with a garbage truck, dumps your junk, and hauls it away.

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    Debris and Yard Trash Removal

    Yard waste, also known as “green waste” or “biological waste,” is any vegitative or organic waste leftover from lawn and garden landscaping. This waste includes leaves, grass clippings, brush, twigs, mulch, garden waste, tree trunks, holiday trees, and prunings from trees or shrubs. Keeping your landscape well-manicured and looking pristine involves creating a ton of green waste. And after a day of hard work, piles of yard waste around your property can overshadow well-cut lawns and neatly pruned bushes.

    Furniture Removal

    Whether you’re moving, getting new furniture/appliances, or simply decluttering, it can be hard to know how to dispose of large, unwanted items. The old ratty couch, the refrigerator that runs constantly and is as loud as a fighter jet, the unsafe trampoline taking up space in the backyard. (Yes, these are all examples from personal experience.) Can you just throw ‘em out to the curb and expect waste management to haul it away? Do you have find a way to get those things to a dump, only to pay an always-annoying fee to get rid of it?


    Rubbish and Trash Removal

    Waste management refers to a group of activities that includes collection of waste generated as a result of various human activities, transportation of the collected wastes to dumps, and disposal or reprocessing of this waste in the appropriate manner. Waste management is resorted to undermine its effects on the health of the general public as well for the purpose of aesthetics. The waste may be solid, liquid, gaseous or radioactive and may be hazardous or non-hazardous.

    Residential Cleanout Services

    Whole house clean out services cover furniture removal, clothing that has been left behind, taking out kitchen appliances and dinnerware, possibly a basement and/or attic clean out, plus a garage if needed. Depending upon the state of the house, whole house clean out services can be provided by anywhere from two workers, up to a team of five or more workers. Junk removal specialist break into teams and work in unison to clean out the house section by section.


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